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5 Little Known Secrets of Effective Prayer

5 Little Known Secrets of Effective Prayer

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Do you ever feel unworthy to pray? Too sinful to talk to a holy God? Too disappointed – even in Him – to pray? Doug says, “You have to be sick enough to pray effectively.” Jesus, we are reminded, didn’t come to call the whole. It wasn’t the righteous and tidy prayer of the Pharisee that he commended. It was the untidy, but utterly sincere prayer of the Publican that he held up as a model for us. This is fascinating message – on sincerity in prayer, a no nonsense tell-God-like-it-is approach to prayer. The one place you can go with all your disappointment, even your toxic heart, is to God. And prayer, with such sincerity, becomes the place where God begins to heal us, to right our wrong thinking, to change us from the inside out. This is a message for all those who thought they couldn’t pray or didn’t know how to pray. It’s straight talk. It’s simple. Learn the five little known secrets to effective prayer.

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