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Fearless Stride

Fearless Stride

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Faithfully Resilient in Christ

A 12-Week Devotional

What if instead of being ‘fine,’ I could be fearless? Fearless in my love for Christ. Fearless in my pursuit of His will for my life. Fearless in my willingness to sacrifice self for others. Being fearless alone can be reckless, but being fearless in Christ, I learned, can be transformative. Designed as a twelve-week devotional series, Fearless Stride is rooted in understanding Christ and answering the question of what it means to take “fearless strides” and live authentically for Him. To develop this sense of fearlessness, we first need to practice resilience. As the events and hardships of life shape us, we are forced to re-evaluate our purpose. We can either let life sink us, or we can find a new way to float, coupled with an eagerness to swim forward. Resilience is a much about our outlook as it is about the circumstances in our lives that shape our beliefs and perspectives. This book is not merely another training plan for practicing faith, it is a life plan to take one fearless stride after another to become the person God intended you to be. The physical, emotional, and spiritual components of living in Christ are discussed alongside concrete examples and ideas for tangible output in the faith life of a believer. Through devotions such as “Grace & Grit,” “Hustle & Hardship,” “Challenge & Courage,” and “Attitude & Adversity,” Fearless Stride will guide readers to conquer fear and allow hope to manifest itself into progressive action designed to serve the Kingdom of God.

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