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It Only Takes a Spark

It Only Takes a Spark

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Only a few pastors successfully lead their churches back to a time of growth and vitality after major decline, crisis, or plateau. Six times, David F. Nixon led struggling churches to viability. Six times, he overcame impossibilities in churches where others shook their heads and walked away. You don’t have to be another statistic – another pastor who walked away from a dying church. Both you and your church can thrive again.

In his book, you’ll discover survival skills essential to anticipating, experiencing, leading, and surviving the turnaround church experience. David F. Nixon will teach you:

  • Turnarounds are rare, not impossible
  • Lead your church off of a plateau
  • Activate extraordinary prayer
  • Overcome financial challenges
  • Mobilize laity for ministry
  • Embrace the lost and the least
  • And much more!

“In this excellent book, Dr. David F. Nixon has captured the heart and story of most local churches. With a real sense of eloquence and yet no holds barred, he has expressed what most pastors deal with in difficult pastoral assignments.”
The late Dr. Stan Toler, Author, Speaker, General Superintendent

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