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Leading a Relational Prayer Experience

Leading a Relational Prayer Experience

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Prayer meetings do not need to be dead affairs – they can be alive, dynamic and life-changing.

In this book, the focus is not a need-based prayer meeting, which is far too typical, but on a relational and transformational prayer gathering. This is a prayer meeting that most often takes place with participants sitting in a circle, with Bible on their laps, engaging God to change them, their families and congregations, and their cities. All the while knowing that such change begins with each of us.

This is about transformational, Biblical Christ-centered, Spirit-led prayer.

How is such prayer facilitated? What do such gatherings look like? What are the general guidelines and principles that help a leader guide a small group through consistent encounters with God that are life-changing?

P. Douglas Small (Ph.D, CCU) has facilitated transformational prayer gatherings across the nation and around the world. He testifies that these extended times of prayer, over an open Bible, with a small group of seekers, changed his life. He advocates unhurried times with God. Prayer that is less focused on problems and more on God’s presence, less about changing things and more about God changing us. He has written extensively on prayer. He certifies prayer coaches, leaders and pastors, and conducts schools of prayer.

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