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Nothing To Win But The World

Nothing To Win But The World

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The Story of Lovell and Virginia Cary by Bobby G. Duncan

In 1946, Lovell and Virginia Cary embarked on a lifetime journey of missionary service destined to influence hundreds of thousands of people around the world and at the same time significantly impact the world missions ministry of an entire Pentecostal denomination. From the United States to the territory of Hawaii in 1954, from Hawaii to the Philippines in 1959, from the Philippines to the entire Asia Pacific Region in 1967, and to continents and countries beyond, the Carys have carried the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Their journey has been one of unimaginable challenges and untold sacrifices. It has also been a journey of incomprehensible fulfillment and the miraculous manifestation of God's amazing grace and power. The Carys' mission has been, and continues to be, to win the world and nothing but the world. If that doesn't happen, it will not be because Lovell and Virginia failed in fulfilling their calling. With integrity, with courage, with humility, with passion, and with honor, they have carried the torch of Christian faith around the world. Unquestionably, they have done their part, and they have done it well. Surely, heaven rejoices!

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