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Other Published Author Bundle

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Receive all of the following 6 Book by other published authors:


When God has a message to give us in a time of crisis, He’s been known to awaken those who are accustomed to listening, at some of the most inopportune moments. When obedience is our “default setting,” it shouldn’t surprise us when God makes a 2:00 a.m. wake up call. It happened to me. The Spirit whispered, “David, the only way your church is going to move forward is on its knees in prayer.” I fell back to sleep for a while longer, but the message was unmistakably clear. Forward on our knees became a prayer mandate for a church in crisis, but in the years since, I’ve come to see that prayer is the way forward.


ARE YOU TIRED of weak Christianity that is more interested in a political argument than a demonstration of the power of God? Do you long for a spiritual awakening in America that shakes the very foundation of our country? Do you desire to be a clear voice that can speak truth to change the course of a nation for future generations?

IT’S TIME FOR A CONFRONTATION that exposes dead religion and shatters spiritual silence with a loud voice from heaven itself. The Elijahs of God parallels current events with the story of the prophet Elijah and will show you how to make the difference in a culture spiraling out of control. Arise, Elijahs of God – it’s our time!


Only a few pastors successfully lead their churches back to a time of growth and vitality after major decline, crisis, or plateau. Six times, David F. Nixon led struggling churches to viability. Six times, he overcame impossibilities in churches where others shook their heads and walked away. You don’t have to be another statistic – another pastor who walked away from a dying church. Both you and your church can thrive again.


“It was an awesome responsibility you signed up for when you said yes to God and became a leader,” says David Nixon in Walking the Leadership Higher Ground. “The role of the leader is a very high calling. Skills that enhance our gifts and abilities should be learned and used.” Some people claim that leaders are born and that signs of leadership assert themselves early in life. But leadership is an acquired trait forged in the battles (successes and failures) of life. Spiritual leaders are not perfect; they pursue the will of God clothed in the flesh like everyone else. Authentic leadership is about being your best self–the person God created you to be. Walking the leadership higher ground invites you to pursue God’s highest and best, and lead others to follow it. Once you have seen and heard God’s vision, that vision must be communicated. The task of the leader is to encourage others to follow it. If no one follows and you think you are leading, you are probably only taking a hike.


Faithfully Resilient in Christ

A 12-Week Devotional

What if instead of being ‘fine,’ I could be fearless? Fearless in my love for Christ. Fearless in my pursuit of His will for my life. Fearless in my willingness to sacrifice self for others. Being fearless alone can be reckless, but being fearless in Christ, I learned, can be transformative. Designed as a twelve-week devotional series, Fearless Stride is rooted in understanding Christ and answering the question of what it means to take “fearless strides” and live authentically for Him. To develop this sense of fearlessness, we first need to practice resilience. As the events and hardships of life shape us, we are forced to re-evaluate our purpose. We can either let life sink us, or we can find a new way to float, coupled with an eagerness to swim forward. Resilience is a much about our outlook as it is about the circumstances in our lives that shape our beliefs and perspectives. This book is not merely another training plan for practicing faith, it is a life plan to take one fearless stride after another to become the person God intended you to be. The physical, emotional, and spiritual components of living in Christ are discussed alongside concrete examples and ideas for tangible output in the faith life of a believer. Through devotions such as “Grace & Grit,” “Hustle & Hardship,” “Challenge & Courage,” and “Attitude & Adversity,” Fearless Stride will guide readers to conquer fear and allow hope to manifest itself into progressive action designed to serve the Kingdom of God.


Leading with the Mantle of a Prophet

John is referred to by many as the forerunner of Christ. The word forerunner is never used of John in Scripture. However, John fulfilled the meaning and definition of the word by coming before Christ Jesus and preparing the way. He preached repentance. John came to “prepare the way of the LORD.”

May I ask you, have you prepared the way of the Lord? Has the highway of holiness been prepared in your life? Have you deliberately made your paths straight? Have you labored under the moving of the Holy Spirit to fill in all the low places? Have you brought down the high places in your own life? Are the crooked things being made straight? If you are to be used by God, as a preacher or a lay person, you must apply the gospel of repentance to your life.

John the Baptist’s motivation, method, and message were born out of the crucible of his life in the desert. In the desert, John met and got to know God the Father. In the desert, God became real to him. For John, Jesus Christ the Son of God, was preeminent, not just priority. Is Jesus preeminent in your life or is he only a priority?


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