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Power of Thanksgiving

Power of Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a command! It isn’t optional and its absence is always an indication of pride. Thanks rises from a humble heart. Pride suffocates gratitude. Thanksgiving is the portal into God’s presence. It is the discipline necessary to wake up a cold heart. Doug suggests that we force ourselves into a marathon of prayerful thanks, until what we are saying from our head is felt in our heart. Such a moment moves from thankfulness, gratitude for what God has done for us, to praise. In praise, we see God. We realize that all that what He has done for us is rooted in who He is. Suddenly, our vision of His greatness is renewed. Our problems fade. We move from praise to worship – now we are out of words. We are lost in the wonder of who God, our incomparable, is. Suddenly, we clearly sense his presence. And the unmistakable marks of His nearness are – love, peace and joy. Thanksgiving is the way to wake up a cold heart!

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