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Prayer in the Home - Sam Abbott (Audio Download)

Prayer in the Home - Sam Abbott (Audio Download)

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Workshop Recording from The Praying Church Conference 2013

Forty years of marriage, raising five children, three of them having near death experiences, two of them serving four tours in the Middle East, and a husband who medically was not supposed to get off the operating table following open heart surgery has caused prayer to be a constant companion in the lives of Sam & Judy Abbott. In this class we will discover the importance of spousal relationship in regard to prayer, the power of blessing our children, and simple yet effective “prayer exercises” for couples. You will leave with an abundance of resource material to help you in the journey.

Sam Abbott is a pastor and the coordinator for prayer ministries for the Church of God in Indiana. He and his wife Judy are known as compassionate intercessors. He travels abroad and offers training in the area of prayer. He and his wife also operate a retreat center for pastors.

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