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Prayer-The Currency of our Church - Frank Allen (Audio Download)

Prayer-The Currency of our Church - Frank Allen (Audio Download)

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Workshop Recording from The Praying Church Conference 2013

During this session Frank will interact with the group and facilitate an understanding of his strategy to lead a global ministry of the poor for the poor: focusing on his experiences relating to “Prayer is the Currency of Our Ministry” and “Obedience is The Outcome – Not Results.”


Frank Allen and his Wendy have worked together as full-time missionaries to the poor since 1992. They are the parents of one adult son, Ashton and a daughter that they raised. As a ten-year veteran of the U.S. Army, Frank served in prestigious assignments (administration, logistical and liaison/linguist) as a decorated member of President Reagan’s Second Inaugural Committee, Vice Presidential Military Support, The Pentagon and in the Middle East. He is an ordained bishop with the Church of God and has preached and taught internationally at conventions, camp meetings, conferences and crusades; and lectured at universities (secular and religious).

Delivered as a .zip file with the .mp3 and the handout and charitable services brochure as .pdf files.

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