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Shadow Over the Land

Shadow Over the Land

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In this two-part series Doug tackles difficult cultural questions – on gender and the issue of sexual identity. Why is this critical challenge to the church? Why is the topic so spiritually charged? He suggests that it is more than a mere moral question. Rather, that the whole of social structure, and more, the very way we understand God and faith, define family and raise our children – all of these are now on the line. In the second message, we take a fascinating trip through the pages of ancient Scripture. Are sins alike? Do they all fit into the same single category? Evidently not! In the Old Testament God offers warning to Israel about five major sins. Those sins when committed would defile the land. Such actions would be a catalyst for the very destruction of the nation itself. In this message Doug addresses the things that provoke God to exile His own people. Are we, if we are defiling the land, exempt from a similar judgment? Ancient warnings in this message read like today’s newspaper. Two messages: The Battle over Sexual Identity and 5 Things That Defile the Land.

Delivered as a .zip file with 3 .mp3 files for each part.

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