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The Acts of Pentecost

The Acts of Pentecost

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Commemorative Edition

The Local Host Committee of the 18th Pentecostal World conference desired to make a significant contribution to the delegates of the conference. Therefore, The Acts of Pentecost was compiled as a memento of the conference.

As the chairman of the Local Host Committee, I contact the Pentecostal churches represented by members of the Advisory Committee of the 8th Pentecostal World conference and requested a brief history of their movements. This book is the result of those who responded to my request.

No effort has been made to edit the manuscripts. They have been published in the precise form as they were presented by the contributors. This presentation by no means covers all of the Pentecostal movements, but is only a compilation of manuscripts from the contributors who responded to us…

We present this volume with prayer for a worldwide outpouring upon Pentecostals everwhere.

Dr. Yung-Chul Han, Chairman/Editor
Local Host Committee – 18th Pentecostal World Conference

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