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The Battle Over the Name of Jesus

The Battle Over the Name of Jesus

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Doug reviews a bit of American history, noting dependence upon God in our early history. He then makes a passionate plea to not give up on Jesus, to not move to pluralism as Israel did. He notes that there were three periods in the history of Israel in which the miraculous burst forth. In every season, it was in a period in which Israel was flirting with defection to other gods and in such seasons God showed himself superior and fully alive – to call Israel back to him. He then makes a passionate plea to make Jesus Lord, to not compromise the centrality of Jesus in a pluralistic age. On the far side of the world, in a bar in Malaysia, as Billy Graham shared following the 9-11 tragedy, the noisy bar quieted and listened to the aged evangelist share the gospel. Buddhist, non-Christians, alcoholics all became silent. Tears streamed down faces. Luther said, “You can sum it all up in the cross!” It’s all about Jesus.

Delivered as a DVD.  Audio Download will be available soon.

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