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The Family Altar - A Historical Perspective

The Family Altar - A Historical Perspective

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This e-book examines the use of the family altar in the Old and New Testament, then illustrates how the family altar and prayer have been important through the ages. Provides concrete reasons and practical ways to implement family prayer.

Public worship, church going, can never take the place of faith in the home. Jerry Marsellino in, Rediscovering the Lost Treasures of Family Worship, says:

Often, so often, a child sees behind all the religious garb of his parents, and finds what is really precious to them. He sees patterns of heart which lure them toward a pursuit of wealth, leisure, athletics, entertainment, television, shopping, and religious business. A child can easily see when these things are more exciting to his parents than devotion to Jesus Christ. When this proves to be the case, a child will embrace those same affections to the detriment of his own soul. However, when children see parents who pant after God, parents who are constantly pouring over the Scriptures and going to God in prayer about everything, parents who have a proper balance between the enjoyment of legitimate recreation and seeking to conform to everything that would bring glory to God, their children can be expected to adopt the same balance. Whatever or whoever is precious to you, the same will be precious to your children.

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