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The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange

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The lack of answers to our prayers is not because God no longer answers or does not want to help. It is often an issue on our side – some hindrance to prayer, blockages in our own heart. In such moments, no one is more disappointed than God. He wants to help us, to deliver, to answer. Prayer works, because God works. It is effective, because its hope is in Him and His action. But it also demands changes in us. There are prerequisites to answered prayer. Learn practical steps to answered pray!

Table of Contents

  1. Answers to Prayer!
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Privilege of Petitioning Heaven
  4. Meet the Christians – They Live on Peace Street
  5. Step Two: Take the Disposition of Joy
  6. Step Three: Be Gentle to All Men
  7. Step Four: Experience God’s Nearness
  8. Step Five: Don’t Worry About Anything
  9. Steps Six & Seven: Worship & Be Flexible!
  10. Step Eight: Wrap Your Requests in Thanksgiving
  11. Step Nine: Make the Great Exchange
  12. Step Ten: Certify the Jurors
  13. Summary

Resource Kit for personal or group learning includes:

  • Book
  • Personal Study Guide with Group It Discussion Section
  • Teaching Guide (pdf file)
  • PowerPoint File with slides keyed to the book
  • Video Sessions – one video for each chapter

The flow of this study is as follows:

Personal Reflection

  • Read It – Read each chapter.
  • Review It – An idea and fact review. Grasping the major concepts.
  • Pray About It – Moving from the head to the heart: What is God saying to me in the ideas in this book? If these things are true, what are their change implications?
  • Redirect – Moving from the head and heart to our feet and hands: What is God saying to me about these ideas and their behavioral implications for my life?

Group it
Use as a guide for a group. (Resource kit to be available soon will include video and power point to aid with this section.)

  • Teach It – View the video together. Each video is approximately 15 minutes in length. The group leader may then highlight key points using teaching aids, such as the included Power Points [30-45 minutes].
  • Talk About It – A discussion guide is provided. Use the paragraph called “Perspective” found at the beginning of each chapter in the book, as an aid. At the end of each chapter of the book, there is also a discussion guide that can be adapted for this section [15-20 minutes].
  • Take It to God Together – Pray about it together [15-25 minutes].
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