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The Woman Who Worshipped Her Way to Forgiveness

The Woman Who Worshipped Her Way to Forgiveness

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We are taught that repentance is necessary for the remission of sins – and who doesn’t believe that. At the home of Simon the Pharisee, we find a sinner woman who made her way into the house and while heady theological conversation was taking place – all left out of the Scripture – this woman wept. She knelt at Jesus’ unwashed feet and wiped them with her tears and hair then Jesus announced that she “was forgiven.” He gave the reason – “she loved much!” Wow! Love as the foundation for forgiveness! What implications this story has. Some folks are as straight as an arrow, morally. They have turned from sin. But they would never be found kissing the feet of Jesus. Have we filled our churches with “good people” who do not know the value of their forgiveness. They are right and righteous, but loveless and lacking in passion.

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