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Transforming Your Personal Prayer Life

Transforming Your Personal Prayer Life

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More than a book – this is a guide to radically change your prayer life. It provides a Biblical structure for prayer – based on Paul’s concise theology of prayer.

This is a grid, a kind of ‘praying-field’ for prayer. It is not a rigid how-to but more of an understanding of the broad principles of prayer; a treasury of stories and practical ideas about prayer – for the practice of prayer – are included.

Here, the heart of prayer is worshipful communion with God, and the edge, even of personal prayer, is mission and purpose. And in between, God meet your needs. You’ll find so many easily applicable exercises – like differentiating between thanksgiving and praise, worship, and God’s presence.
Prayer begins with accepting God’s love – not faith. In fact, faith works by love. It is the missing element in so much teaching on prayer.

The key to transformation is rethinking what God thinks about you, and what you think about God – and that demands Scripture-based prayer. The content of this book is the basis for a seminar taught to almost a hundred-thousand-people – a seminar on transformational prayer.

The Prayer Exercises and Discussions mentioned in the book are now located at:

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